Can Technology Cause Anxiety and Depression which Affect Our Life?

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Technology in a way make people life become much easier compared to the past. However, people also think can technology cause anxiety and depression? You should know that anxiety as emotion will make people get some kind of tension, worrying thought even physical changes happen such as blood pressure increase. Of course, we may sometimes have those kinds of situation but it can cause disorder which need to be treated.

Can Technology Cause Anxiety and Depression which Affect Our Life?

The emotions that described as anxiety actually pretty common thing for people to feel. However, the one that can trigger it might change over time especially with the development of technology. Furthermore, if the one who facing the trigger actually already have anxiety disorder then the respond might become different and much bigger than those that does not have this disorder.

Can Technology Cause Anxiety and Depression

But then how the technology take part in this. You can see the technology as a sword with double edge. Since today we need to learn technology as it is used on many aspects of our life so most of the time, we don’t have a choice to engage with it. Especially when working as most work now involved computer. Some believed that the use of this technology for a long hour might increase the depression rate which contribute to anxiety.

Then there is also addiction to technology mainly smartphone where some people might experience anxiety when they are separated with the technology when they somehow forgot or lose it. Especially for heavy users, the separation might even affect them as if they are losing their world as they continue to be connected using their smartphone. Thus, their whole world is the smartphone and when it is not in their hand, then they will really be losing their footing.

Another big thing that technology bring to us is social media. With billions of people in the platform, it can give benefit and become harmful at the same time. The things that they saw in the social media may shift their emotion rapidly and sometimes it goes from a positive emotion into negative emotion in an instant.

With all of those things that the technology brings to use then can technology cause anxiety and depression? The answer might be different for each individual but what important for everyone is to understand the effect that you get from the technology. And do not forget to do self-filtering to make sure you do not be in contact to something that trigger you.

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