What Technology Should I Learn In 2020 That Will Affect Your Life?

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We all know that there are a lot of technology being developed today, then what technology should I learn in 2020? It is important for us to keep up with the technology so we can be updated with everything around the world. It is one way that we can use to keep up with everything that may come to our future. Here are some of the technology that you might want to keep up with.

What Technology Should I Learn In 2020 to Keep being Updated?

What Technology Should I Learn In 2020

ML and Al

Both of these technologies will highly affect our life in the future. Even today a lot of business already applied them on their business to increase their competitiveness. It able to increase quality, result and efficiency of the business which enlarge the scope of the business.


This technology will really change the way people do their daily life which in a way will also transform their life completely. Especially since everything will be connected to the internet. Not only people but also objects which connected to the internet. It will also make everything become much easier and much effective.

5G network

Communication technology is one of the types that developed in rapid speed. Then you will soon see it goes even better with 5G network. This technology will give a lot of advantage such as faster internet, low latency, and high capacity. Of course, it will also affect other things that connected to the network.


Every technology that had been build today and continued to be developed all support automation such as AI, robotics, big data and cloud computing. It will then make automation become better and better and give rapid development to this technology. And today there are more and more company that develop software to manage the automation for their business and even sold them to be used on other business in various industries.


With technology become better and faster, blockchain really evolved how people uses the technology. With a chain technology, various things can be connected to gain power, resources, data, processing, cloud, exchange, transaction, and many other. It is one of the technologies which will eventually evolve how the network used in the future.

Of course, there are many other technologies that currently being developed. But if you think about what technology should I learn in 2020 then those are some of the types that you need to know. Especially since those technology will really affect your life.

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