Where is Firewall Placed in a Network to Get Best Security?

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If you have a network that connected to the internet, then it is important for you to know where is firewall placed in a network. The firewall will act as a tool to filter the traffic from any unwanted access to protect your device and data from attack. There are various types of firewall that you can use which is the physical and the software type. The software type is normally available on your device operating system, antivirus and many others. Then the physical firewall is in a form of box which you need to place physically in the network.

Learn Where is Firewall Placed in a Network to Get Best Security

Since the software type is pretty clear as it is installed on the device or on the physical type firewall itself, then the concern should be for the physical type one. Ideally, the firewall should be placed in between the secure network which is your internal network and the insecure one which is the internet.

Where is Firewall Placed in a Network

Thus, you need to put the physical firewall between any of the resource that wanted to be protected and the resources which may give threat to the other resource or resources that is not secure. To do this, you can put the physical firewall in between your router that you use to connect to the internet and the network that you wanted to protect. This will protect the network from any treat or unwanted access that might came from the internet.

Remember that if you wanted to protect an internal network from another internal network as a tool to secure a specific network, you can also do that with a firewall. This is a common practice done in a company that wanted to secure their sub network. For example, they would secure the financial sub network from other sub network in their company network, then they would put a firewall in front om the connection of financial sub network that used to connect it to the other sub network.

With that being said, means there might be more than one firewall placed inside the network. What you need is to first know which the resource that you want to protect and what you want to protect it from. Then you can determine where is firewall placed in a network to give the best security for the resource that you want to protect. Do not forget to configure the firewall with the right configuration to get the best effect according to your need.

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