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5G speed is something that is anticipated by everyone that heard about this new mobile network technology. Especially since the 5G network is dubbed to have very low latency and huge capacity. This means application will be able to run on almost real time and there will be no lag. Various industries expect to increase their efficiencies and performance by using this next generation mobile network. To know the how fast the speed of a network is, there is a base used as the standard which determined by 3GPP. This standard will of course, measured on testing environment that is controlled. In the end, people should see the difference on the network performance outside that environment. However, because of the impressive performance 5G network should have outstanding result.

How fast is 5G Speed?

Since 5G network has wideband coverage it is able to deliver faster speed compared to the previous generation. Generally, the maximum speed for download should be faster than 1Gbps and up to 10Gbps. With this network, user would be able to download a video file that has 600MB size only within 34 seconds. Before, when the same file is download using LTE network, it would take around 2.3minutes to complete it. This could be the speed comparison that people should be able to see on the new mobile network technology.

5G Speed

Of course, the real performance of the network itself will be affected by the operator network since some operator might have difference performance compared to other. This will depend on the network set up done by each operator as well as the number of users that is currently on the network itself which will affect the traffic density. However, the average speed of this network should be at least 50Mbps or higher.

Meanwhile NGMN alliance that try to set the standard for mobile network stated that the 5G technology should be able to offer in general 10ms for the latency and in special cases which need even lower latency, it should be around 1ms. For the 1Gbps speed on data rates it should be available in specific environment for example indoor office. Then the average 50Mbps speed would be the standard available in other environments generally. With this speed, the operator should be able to provide wireless broadband with fixed service which have similar quality on the service currently available using cable or fiber network. This is a breakthrough that is expected to be get from 5G speed that is faster and more reliable than previous generation.

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