How Often Does Technology Advance for Each Generation?

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You might be wondering how often does technology advance? Especially since we all already see the proof even in our today’s life. For example, smartphone does not exist just one decade ago and even three decades ago there is no computer. But as you can see today, everyone owns smartphone and there is computer in everyone house. This show that the technology does advanced in a fast speed.

How Often Does Technology Advance for Each Generation?

Accordance to the Moore’s Law we can see that the computer chips also become more powerful but it also cost less and less. Furthermore, the transistors used on the computer become doubled each decade. This is also used on the smartphone we used today as there are a lot of capability included in the small device.

The progress of computer technology is actually well known. However, there are still a lot of other technology that also have the same progress. It showed that capabilities of many things had increased numerous times over the decades.

How Often Does Technology Advance

Accelerating return laws said that the technology progress pace will speed up over time especially for the information technology since common force help to move forward. This in turn will create evolution.

The evolution on technology is pretty much similar like the evolution in biology. The technology also run similar process of evolution with the invention of technology from one technology to another in a fast pace.

At first, it is done as repurposing ideas of the technology which then leads to various breakthrough. Furthermore, on each generation of the technology advanced more and more compared to the previous one which in time give positive element for continues improvement.

With technology getting better for each generation and even speed up at the same time, this means that the technology will become more effective. Especially since with the advanced of technology, it will also gain bigger attention. This attention means that the technology will also give more and better resources.

Then these resources will be used to the advanced of the technology which create new wave of growth on the technology. And accordance to the previous thing that happen, it will also increase the speed of the advanced that accelerate further.

This is why, when you think how often does technology advance you can see that it does advanced each time. Then people will see the groundbreaking one which seemed to be very different from the previous generation. This will continue to happen until the potential exhausted and new potential will come.

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