Is 5G Dangerous to Our Health? Let Us Learn About the Technology Further

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Is 5G dangerous to our health? It is the question that some people might have when they learn about this new mobile network. Especially since the 5G network uses the new breakthrough that allowed for faster and better data speed with the usage of millimeter wave as the spectrum. This spectrum is the new technology used on the network by utilizing high frequency. Because of the high frequency people start to question whether the usage of this spectrum has potential risk for public health. Furthermore, people also worried whether they might get affected by radiofrequency radiation that might come from this technology.

Is 5G Dangerous to Our Health? Research We Have Right Now

Radiofrequency radiation comes in various types which can also become ionizing or the non-ionizing type. While the ionizing type can damage our DNA, but the non-ionizing type does not have that effect. Thus, people should not have to worry about the usage of radiofrequency radiation that is non-ionizing. The radiofrequency radiation in wireless technology called as radio waves. The 5G technology uses radiofrequency that does not even close to the line that separated the non-ionizing type to the ionizing type.

Is 5G Dangerous to Our Health?

According to the statement from FDA the exposure from radiofrequency energy that used on cellphone right now is still within safely limits thus it is still acceptable for public health protection. Furthermore, the limits itself are measured based on the devices used. This means the 5G technology will have different limits compared to the other technology. FDA already reviewed and will continue their review various medical and scientific resources and evidence that are related to the health effect from the exposure of radiofrequency energy to both animals and humans as part of their public health protection commitment. Thus, any new development of this technology will be updated in no time.

One thing to note that the frequencies that is used on the 5G network are actually already been used by other technologies before. So far, those frequencies are safe to use which means that the 5G network also safe to use. For the new mmWave used on which make people ask is 5G dangerous to our health, so far there are no proof of health risk that coming from the usage of this network according to the studies we have so far. There will be more research that need to be done to learn more about this subject. However, as of now, there is no known negative health impact of the usage of the 5G network.

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