5G vs 4G, Does the New Mobile Network Better than the Old?

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5G vs 4G are quite different since 5G is the new mobile network with various advantages that available today. This new mobile network is highly anticipated since it has promising potential that allowed faster speed and real time communication. As the new digital system that used to transform bytes over air, the 5G is using radio frequencies that is higher to transfer more data with faster speed and lowering the latency. The new interface is using millimeter size wave spectrum that allows more devices usage inside the same area. This means more data can be carried within the same air space that is limited.

5G vs 4G How the New Mobile Network is Better than the Old?

5G vs 4G Network

5G is more unified platform vs 4G

When it comes to the platform itself, 4G network actually focusing more on creating faster service compared to the previous 3G network. However, the new 5G network is designed to focus more on unified platform. This means it can increase the user experience and give new service to critical communication and support massive IoT.

5G using the spectrum better vs 4G

Compared to the previous generation the 5G network also able to use the spectrum better. It is able to use every bit on the wide array of spectrum and band. It can uses low band that is below 4GHz, the mid band that is from 1GHz up to 6GHz and even the higher band in mmWave.

5G is significantly faster vs 4G

The best thing about this new mobile network is that compared to the previous generation, the 5G is faster. It can even deliver up until 20Gbps as the peak data rates and around 100+Mbps as the average data rates.

5G has bigger capacity vs 4G

Of course, the best design of this network is the capacity as the 5G is actually designed so it can support 100x increase on the traffic capacity. This allowed for better network efficiency.

5G has low latency vs 4G

5G also has low latency which means there is lower delay before the data transfer begin and instruction followed. This allows for instantaneous delivery with access in real time for the data transfer. The network also has 10x decrease on the latency which end to end can be decrease down until 1ms.

As you can see, 5G vs 4G has a lot of difference that makes the 5G network is better and far more potential compared to the old 4G network.

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