Get to Know 5G Network as the New Mobile Network Generation

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5G Network as 5th generation of mobile network might become the newest standard for global network. This new addition is specifically design so many things can be connected virtually which includes devices, objects and machines. As the new generation, the wireless technology on this network can deliver higher data speed with multi peak Gbps and latency that is ultra-low. This means the network is more reliable, has more availability, provide massive capacity, and could even give uniform experience for the users. With the improved efficiency and higher performance that it provided, that means it can connect new industry and increase user experience.

The Creation of 5G Network as New Mobile Network

The creation of this new generation network is actually brought by many mobile ecosystem companies which allowed the network to come to life. Many companies had invented various technology that could be the foundation of the system. This allowed the industry to move forward and make the 5G to be the next standard of wireless network.

5G Network as the New Mobile Network Generation

When it comes to the technology 5G itself is created using OFDM base which is the method used to modulate digital signal to cross various channels and reduced interference. This network itself is using 5G NR as the air interface besides the OFDM principle. Furthermore, this network also uses technology with wider bandwidth such as mmWave and sub-6 mmWave.

Of course, this network still operates in the same principle on the mobile networking used. But with 5G NR as the new air interface, it can actually enhance the OFDM and allows higher degree on the scalability and flexibility. With this technology the network can provide more access to even more things and to be used by more people. It also allows more usage variety on difference kind of cases.

The network could expand spectrum resources usage which make the bandwidth became wider compared to the previous networks. Furthermore, this network can still be operated in lower band as well as higher band. This means 5G will have bigger capacity with multi Gbps as well as lower latency.

The 5G network itself is not only design so it could be faster and to give better services on the mobile broadband compared to the previous generation, but it can also be expanded to new service area which needed critical communication as well as to allow massive IoT connection. This can be achieved by using air interface using 5G NR and various design technique that allowed the network to be bigger and better than before.

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