Will Technology Make People Smarter and Gain New Ability?

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We all can see how technology affect our daily life, then the next question is will technology make people smarter? It is a fact that it able to make our life easier, however how it actually affects our lifestyle which in a way affect people brain. Let us talk about this in more in-depth way that can make us understand it better.

Will Technology Make People Smarter and Gain New Ability?

Nowadays people used technology to do everything that they need to do. From calculating something, to moving from a place to another, to count the steps we made every day and many others. In a way, it makes us do not need to think about it too much especially when doing basic and simple things.

However, you should also remember that this technology had also put more knowledge into your reach. Now it is very easy for anyone to find out anything that they want through the internet. While in the old day, one should open a book and read a good number of things only to get the only information that they want to know. Today, you can find the answer right away without having to learn unnecessary things to know the answer.

Will Technology Make People Smarter

In a way, all of those process also affect the way people brain adapt to the situation. Before people need to read book in order to gain information. Now the information can be getting within seconds from the internet. This affect how brain process the information.

In our current generation they are able to react to the information and filter the information to find the important part of it and many other abilities gained after processing the information. However, as they get the information in a fast pace, then the current generation seems to be lacking on the abilities to contemplate the information, thinking critically for the information and memorizing the information.

Furthermore, with the way technology continue to changed and evolved every day, this means people need to develop new ability to keep up with the technology. This is applicable for all generation even though it might be harder for the older generation as they need to continue learning the new technology to keep up with everything.

Then in the end will technology make people smarter? It is something that continue to be debatable. However, it is evident that it still changed people in various ways and for some it does make them become smarter while for some they still need to keep up with everything.

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