5 Technology in The Future That Are Lifechanging

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As we enter the new decade, some of us surely think about technology in the future that we might get in the next decade. We hope with the development of technology will create innovation that will give us better tools to be used in the future. Surely it will give some benefits with the new technology that already been improve in the future. There are a lot of imagination that people like to have, but here are some of the technology prediction that might available in the future.

5 Technology in The Future That Are Lifechanging

Technology in The Future

Zero size chips

Even along the history, we already see how the computer chips size had decreased in size. We can see that the current computer became more and more smaller in size. Especially for the intelligence inside the chips that might even decrease to zero size as it is very small.


Currently neuroscientists are trying to find a way so they can read your mind using machine. This is already done for decades and continue to be done in hope that in the future the technology to really show people mind can be real.

Quantum technology

There might be something in the future that has microscopic size but have ability of a computer but without any complex circuit to power it and able to move in the speed of light. This will become a breakthrough that can power up the devices that we will use in the future.


With this technology we will get precision in unbelievable level which can copy nature works throughout the entity even to the most basic fiction. When this technology become real in the future, there will be huge innovation that will affect other things such as imaging, medical device, computing, engineering, and many others.


We all know, that even today we can see the development of robotic technology that available. In the future, this technology will become better thus we will get robotic machines that are fully functional and can be used in various aspect of our life. Even though today it is only used in specific field such as manufacturing or medical field, but in the future, we will see in everywhere as it become more common and be part of our everyday life.

Those are some of the technology in the future that we might get for real. As you can see, some of them are currently already being developed and continue to be better for the future.

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