The Difference Between Internet Vs Ethernet for Better Understanding

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Many people might be wondering what is the difference between internet Vs ethernet. Both are actually some network type which used by computer as connection. But there are still some differences between the two in several aspects.

Internet as a network itself is consisted of millions of connections owned by various organizations along the globe which connected to one another using different technology such as wireless, electronic, optical fiber, and many others. Meanwhile ethernet is basic LAN which join together into one using specific control method for the access.

The Difference Between Internet Vs Ethernet That You Should Know

The first major difference that you should know is on the connection range. When it comes to the connection the internet has wider range compared to the ethernet. Especially since ethernet is handling the LAN thus it is only responsible to connect computer in local range.

Internet Vs Ethernet

Usually the local range only involved computer which located inside a building or on the same neighborhood. However, with the current development of advanced technology, now ethernet can connect computer within ten kilometers of range using cables. Still in some sense it is impractical to use it as connection for computers in long distance.

Meanwhile internet is handling the WAN which have connection globally around the world. Those that connected could then share large amount of resources, services and information to each other.

Another difference between the two is the technology and transmission media used by the two. On ethernet, it is using fiber and twisted pair for the transmission media with CSMA/CD technology. Meanwhile the internet is not using any specific technology or transmission media as it can use all kinds of technology and transmission media available.

The next difference is on the network administration. On ethernet, you might find more than one administrator. However, even though some part of the internet is administrated by some administrator, there is actually no administrator that have control over all internet network.

The last difference is on the security that the network has. Comparing the two networks, ethernet will have more secure security than internet as external people does not have access to enter the network without permission. Meanwhile the internet has no limitation on the access as everyone can basically enter the network anytime, they want as long as they have means to access it.

Those are the difference between internet Vs ethernet that you need to know. Now that you know the difference you can have better understanding about the two networks.

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