Seeing How Internet Changed the World that Affect Our Life

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Some of all can see how internet changed the world as it continues to evolved every day and also affecting our daily life. It gives revolution to the way me does things especially in regard of communication. Furthermore, it also can be used to do other thing from simply ordering a meal to buy electronic equipment even sharing your experience with family using instant messenger and picture. Before the internet exist, those who wanted to know the newest news must go to a newsstand to purchase a newspaper. The news that we see printed on the newspaper usually are the news that happened the night before or on the previous day. However, now you can just click on a news portal and get the newest update on something that had just happened minutes ago which can happen all over the globe.

How Internet Changed the World and Affecting Our Life

Actually, the internet had also changed by itself. At first it was just static network which designed to deliver small bytes as message between two terminals. At that time the information of the content can only be maintained and published by coders that expert in the field. However, currently the information is download and upload in larger quantities with personalized content by everyone around the world even without the expertise in coding field.

How Internet Changed the World

At first internet were widened to accommodate IT capabilities needed by researcher, universities, institution, and so on which located all over the globe. Nowadays, internet has grown and not only controlled by specific entities but can accommodate thousands of subnetwork, millions of systems, and users.

Internet had been embedded on all aspect of our daily life and it also changed the method that people used to interact with each other. You can see this from the usage of social media which not only changed the way people communicating but also used to share information with numerous new channels which different from the conventional method.

The internet had also changed the way people can access information and education. Now there is no boundaries for learning as there are various possibilities and method that you can use on the internet. The education is now consisting of large network where people can share their knowledge, learn from each other, create content and also develop ways where people can learn and teach other using various devices.

Those are only small things on how internet changed the world as it had changed almost every aspect of our daily life even now.

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