How to Improve Internet Speed and Get the Best Connection

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If you experience some problem on your connection, then you might want to learn how to improve internet speed so it will go back to the optimal speed you once have. Especially since it may affect not only your browsing experience, but also the download speed that you done. Actually, you can do a few things on your computers and router as well as anything that connect you to the internet so the internet speed can be improved. Here are some of the things that you can do.

Learn How to Improve Internet Speed and Get the Best Connection

How to Improve Internet Speed

Change router

Most of the time, we only use router that is provided by the service provider. While this might be the best option, sometimes there are better router out there that you can use and had better configuration. But when you do this, make sure that the router really compatible with the service plan that you use.

Scan your computer

Another thing that you need to do is to scan your computer for possible virus infection. The virus that stayed in your computer can actually suck more resources than you use thus it will cause your speed to be slower.

Take a look at interference from system

Sometimes the program or even the firewall and antivirus that you use on your computer system can actually slow down your internet. That is why, you might want to take a look at them and turn them off one by one then do a speed test to determine if they affecting your internet speed or not. But be very careful as virus might infect your system if you turn off your antivirus so do this at your own risk.

Add filter

If your internet also connected with phone line which also used by telephone, then you need to have a filter with good quality so it would not disturb the internet connection. Try to add filter which appear as little plug that you can attach on phone line but make sure it compatible with your internet type.

Use plug in connection

While using WiFi connection is pretty easy but using a cable connection can actually improve the speed of your connection. Thus, try to use plug in connection and see how it improve the internet especially if you use desktop computer.

Those are several things that you need to know if you want to learn how to improve internet speed and have the best connection to explore the network.

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