How Internet Works with Various Process Over the Network

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You might wonder how internet works? It actually worked using packet which sent through routing network that done with IP, TCP and various protocols. The protocols itself is rules which used to specify the way computers communicate among each other throughout the network.

How Internet Works

Meanwhile the packet itself is data which sent all across the internet as the message. This message before being sent will be divided into fragment which become the packet. Then the packet will be sent individually separated from each other. Usually each packet will be contained around 1 thousand to 3 thousand characters as the maximum. The protocol is used to specify the way message will be packetized.

Learn How Internet Works Through Process in the Network

The routing network will then be used to route the packet from intended source toward the destinated computer. The internet itself is created from huge network with specialized computer named as router. The router work is to determine how the packet will be moved all over the source toward the destination. That is why an individual packet might move all over multiple routers on their journey along the network. If the movement that the package done from one of the routers toward the other router is called hop.

There is internet protocol which used to specify the network address which then be attached on the headers of the packet. Header is a space on the packet which designated as space to keep the metadata. This internet protocol will also used to specify the way router will be forwarding the packet using the address stated on the header.

When the packet arrived on the destination, they might be arrived without any specific order. The reason is because some of the packet might be sent through quicker network compared to the other packet. However, in the header part of the packet, there would be information regarding the correct order of the packet so the message can be read entirely. Then the TCP will use that information to then reconstructing the packet on the correct order so the message can be read.

However, not every packet will arrive on the destination and there might be packet loss along the way. The reason is because some router might receive more packet thus, they cannot process it anymore and just drop them. However, TCP will send a command to resent the lost packet so it can be reconstructed correctly. Through all of those process, the internet will become alive and that is how internet works and you can be connected on the network.

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