Does Firewall Protect Against Hackers for Device Security?

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Nowadays everyone is connected to the internet to do various things in our daily life. Thus, the possibility of threat from hacker also increased at the same time. This is why it is important for you to protect yourself from those hackers. Then does firewall protect against hackers? We need to find out more about it.

Does Firewall Protect Against Hackers for Device Security?

Hackers will try to hack the device that you use. They will not only try to gain access of your computer, they will also try to access the accounts you use, the web application, as well as the network connected to your computer.

Usually people will use antivirus as protection. However, this software will only mainly secure your computer and accounts that you open using it. Meanwhile firewall will not only secure the traffic which flows through the computer, but also web application and network.

Does Firewall Protect Against Hackers

Of course, there are many types of firewall that you can use. For example, the physical type which also comes in many variations. The basic variation will help in blocking hackers attack into your computer. However, you can also get network firewall that can help to secure your router and server.

There is also application type for example network firewall which will protect your network and application firewall which will protect the application such as website. They will work as layer firewall using proxy to filter traffic that try to gain access to the application. This type of firewall is actually better since it will exam every traffic that come inside and go outside the application.

And through those things, the firewall will help to protect your device, application and network from the hackers. However, you also need to remember that while firewall does help to protect you against the hackers, there are a lot of ways the hackers can use to hack them all.

For example, hackers will try to hack the data packets which sent into and also from the site to you. They might also try to use phishing website which faked a website so you will enter your credential information which then can be used to hack your other accounts.

From this we will learn that when someone asked does firewall protect against hackers, then you can see that it does protect you against hackers to some extent. However, you still need to protect yourself using other things to gain the best security and be aware at all time so you would not get hacked.

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